About Us

MKR Techsoftware Sociedad Limitada, we are a team of digital marketers, web designers, and developers dedicated to helping startups, small-sized, and mid-sized businesses to grow their business.

We Are Your Growth Partner!

MKR Techsoftware Sociedad Limitada is a leading SEO and digital marketing agency in Barcelona, Spain, offering a comprehensive range of marketing services for the businesses. The company is founded and managed by Mr. Manmohan Kumar, who has a great passion for digital marketing. Under his governance, the company has been growing continually while serving the marketing needs of the mid-sized and small-sized companies.
At our Digital Marketing and SEO agency, we believe in delivering the results that suppress the expectations of our clients. We have a skilled team of marketers, web designers & developers, and content marketers, which utilize the creative and result-driven approach to come up with the solutions that our clients look for. Our team follows the combination of agile and lean approach, which allows us to maximize marketing success and ensure customer satisfaction.
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Our Mission
At MKR Techsoftware Sociedad Limitada, we aim to produce better returns to the shareholder by being a leading provider of digital marketing services. Our ultimate mission is to provide requirement-oriented, high quality, cost-cutting, value-added, and innovative marketing solutions that meet your requirements.
Our Vision
At our SEO and digital marketing agency in Barcelona, Spain, we work to be leaders in digital marketing services across the world by revolutionizing the industry and setting new standards of success and professionalism. Our vision is to become a top digital marketing agency offering online sales solutions, digital marketing strategies, and internet brand management in the global business sphere.

Our Values

Our SEO and digital marketing agency take pride in placing a specific set of values at the core of how and what we work. Our values are not distinctive, but efficiently explain why we are unique:

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Service Delivery
We are dedicated to best-serve our clients and provide with the solutions they are looking for. We go above and beyond to satisfy our clients.

Tean Work

We care for all our employees, clients, stakeholders, and work best as one team. We openly talk with our clients and make all efforts to know their needs.

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We take risk genuinely and manage it carefully. Our digital marketing agency reward equality and diversity and exercise decision with integrity.

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We understand that our success lies in the success of our clients. Therefore, our digital marketing agency utilizes innovative thinking to suppress the expectations of our clients.

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Reliability is in our blood. We always keep our promises and bring the results on time. Our reliability can be seen in our testimonials.


We know that nothing matters more for the clients than results. Therefore, we believe in not priding ourselves, but in delivering the results that clients want.

Let’s Talk

We’d always love to hear our clients. If you need any kind of digital marketing, web development, SEO services, or want to know more about us, feel free to contact us at our given telephone numbers. We will work together to find out the best solution for your business.