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Social media platforms are the best place for businesses to connect with the audience and build their own brand. Moreover, you can drive traffic to your website and increase sales significantly. The organizations which are not using social media marketing are missing lots of business opportunities. At MKR Techsoftware Sociedad Limitada, the best social media marketing agency, we best utilize the social media platforms to expand your audience reach, ultimately bring more customers.

Social Media Marketing Agency in Barcelona

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With millions of users using social media actively, you can’t afford to ignore this in your digital marketing strategy. In fact, social media is a more powerful place to market your business than any other digital marketing mediums. If done properly, social media marketing can take your business to another level, while driving more visitors, leads, and customers to your website.

At MKR Techsoftware Sociedad Limitada, we are the best social media marketing agency in Barcelona, Spain, providing top-notch marketing solutions to start-ups, small-sized, and big sized industries. In our years of experience, we have worked with a wide array of industries from all around the world, and, therefore, we understand their unique needs.

Our social media marketing company in Barcelona has a team of experienced professionals dedicated to providing satisfying solutions to our customers. We first analyze your business and find out the right audience to target. After that we reach out to that audience with engaging content and in a strategic way, appealing the viewers to connect to your brand. To bring the results, we utilize various social media platforms, including:



listening and Analyzing

At our social media marketing agency in Barcelona, we get real-time analytics on social engagements, contents, posts, and customer shares from a wide range of social media resources to know your customers better. Using various tools and social media solutions, we collect and analyze audience data and provide you valuable insights to find out where you stand out against your competitors and discover your needs to improve and how to modify your campaigns.

Account Management

The success of social media marketing campaigns depends upon how well you manage your community. Social media accounts without a great community management strategy to nurture existing clients will miss the chances of converting followers and improving return on investment. Our social media marketing agency in Barcelona, Spain, can help you to discover and generate opportunities for engagement across different platforms.

Content Creation

The motive of our content creation service is to attract and retain customers for your business. The content marketers at our social media marketing company create appealing content after knowing the interests of your targeted audience. Our team is an expert to align the content with your business objectives. Whether it is the beginning of building a community or running a social media campaign for a hard-to-reach audience, we can create quality content for all your needs.


When it comes to social media marketing, beating the competitors is one of the toughest but most important tasks that businesses need to focus on. We assist you in finding out strategies adopted by your competitors and make a stronger campaign accompanied by excellent content to help you meet your business goals. We utilize the various social media analytics tools and get important insights about the social media campaign’s performance to find out areas that worked well and where more focus is needed to generate better results.

Influencer Marketing

Since influencers have a big fan following and can significantly help you to your target customers, drive engagement, and build trust. However, you need to find out the influencer with the relevant audience to bring results. At our social media marketing agency, we can help you to identify the right influencer who can interact with your audience more effectively than others and encourage them to connect with your brand and drive sales. Get in touch with us today and boost your marketing efforts with creative and relevant storytelling with the right Influencers.

Profile Creation

Having an active social media profile is essential, whether your organization is small or big. Our social media marketing agency in Barcelona, Spain, helps you build your brand name and identity on all major social networks such as LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram with us and build your online reputation. We will assist you in making a thriving social media profile to reach out to customers who are waiting to know more about your services.
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At MKR Techsoftware Sociedad Limitada, we are the most successful social media marketing agency in Barcelona, serving the social media marketing and management needs of the organizations. We work closely with our clients and make all efforts to bring the intended results. We believe in not doing business but building healthy and friendly relationships with our clients.

If you are looking to build your own brand, want to grow social media audience, or want to sell products or services through social media, get in touch with us today. Our team of social media marketers always loves to hear about the new challenges of your business and will tackle them with our reliable social media marketing services.